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"Smarty Pants, alternative to the unfortunate thong" Santa Cruz Sentinel - September 12, 2010

"A long time before the thong became ubiquitous in the lingerie drawers of women battling unsightly panty lines, part-time fitness instructor Korrine Fitz was thinking about the problem and making plans to prevent it.

"I would wear it [the thong] so I wouldn't look so tacky, " Fitz says, "but I couldn't wait to take the darn thing off." Rather than suffer as many women certainly have, she took action.

There were, she says, several pretty "funny-looking" prototypes early on. Fitz, who had no fashion, maufacturing or sweing experience, learned about flat-lock stitching and synthetic fabrics. Eventually, while working with a seamstress in San Francisco, she settled on a thin, stretchy fabric and a two-piece design that covers waist to upper thigh."

Read the entire article - July 31, 2008

"If you're an active woman, you need to get yourself a pair of Smarty Pants, unless you're stupid. Smarty Pants women's underwear is designed to conquer the problems associated with conventional underwear*, which bunches and uncomfortably ride between your legs. Smarty Pants are lightweight, non-binding and anti-microbial, which is great because my last pair of undies were pro-microbial which caused a major rift with my Republican husband.You're going to love your new Smarty Pants, and if you wear them by themselves, so are all the men with a healthy set of eyeballs.

* Sorry, will not defend against or deter aggressive hairy men from hitting on you at the gym.

Flat lock stitching provides a durable, non-bulky fit while the breathable gusset is double layered. The extra stretchy fabric wicks away any moisture to keep you dry and comfortable regardless of the elements (save the rain). As previously mentioned, the specialized fabric resists odor, bacteria, fungus and mildew. Too bad they didn't make men out of this stuff!"

Peekaboo Picks - July 14, 2008

"Smarty Pants look kind of like biker shorts, but they are made out of a soft, super-stretchy, lightweight fabric that wicks away moisture (great for a profuse sweater like me!) and resists, odor, bacteria, fungus, and mildew. At first, it felt strange wearing these longer-legged underwear, but once I got used to them, I could hardly feel them. And since Smarty Pants cover so much more surface area than conventional underwear, I thought they'd be hot, but they weren't at all! I loved the soft fabric and the fact that the tag and seams weren't itchy or annoying.

Smarty Pants don't bunch, ride up, or bind, and they leave no panty line at all. Under a pair of jeans or shorts, I couldn't even tell they were there! A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I love products that are multi-functional, and Smarty Pants fit the bill! I especially love to wear my Smarty Pants while I'm working out, but since they're so streamlined and comfortable, they're also great to wear under my casual or dressy clothes."

"Workout Wardrobe Must Haves" - Her Times, April 13, 2008

"Just as there is essential workout gear, there's essential workout wear. here are the items in our top five.

1. Smarty Pants underwear. Ever find yourself in a crowded gym in a downward dog pose or a legs up crunch wondering whether you'd worn your good underwear that day? Smarty Pants - billed as underwear for active women - can give you the peace of mind (and coverage) you desire. The underwear will move with you, not up on you. Smarty Pants are made of quick-drying fabric. Bonus: These underwear also contain an anti-microbial feature that resists odor and bacteria. Available in black and nude in sizes XS to XL. $22 at" and - April 1, 2008

"Smarty Pants underwear are like bike shorts - tight and form fitting, though made with an ultra-thin polyester/lycra fabric and flat stitching to prevent chafing. For looks, this design eliminates the see-through-the-shorts "panty lines" effect some women hate. The $22 underwear fits lower on the waist and have a 5-inch inseam to reach the middle of the thigh. Tara said the fit was fine and the comfort and wicking the best yet (no binding). lus the underpants were unnoticable - as they should be - during a workout." and - January 11, 2008

"On the undies front, there is one thing on which we can all agree...when you're on the slopes more coverage is better. Enter Smarty Pants ($22, I really don't know what I did before I discovered this underwear. It fits kind of like men's boxer-briefs with a low, non-binding waist. The material is breathable, wicking, and anti-microbial, and you can rinse Smarties out and wear them again the next day if you're in a bind. I also wear them under my running tights for added warmth (and to avoid a nasty panty line...come on, you know what I'm talking about)."

Washington Post - July 2007

"Some new gymwear is meant to let you work out like a beast and still smell sweet. Here's a head-to-toe sampling of smellware, with commentary from George Preti, an organic chemist and body-odor expert at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia and textiles expert Leon Moser of the College of Textiles at North Carolina.

Smarty Pants underwear ($21.99, designed by a dance and fitness teacher, are made of fabric treated with an anti-microbial chemical. They're also non-binding and quick-drying qualities that discourage bacterial growth. Moser says such chemical finishes "perform and are durable, they can be washed over and over again" without losing their antibacterial quality. Good for about 50 washes. (Gotta love the slogan: "Isn't it time you changed your underwear?")"

As seen in the Washington Post, "Gear to Wear a Stink About" and "Wear This, You Stinker"

"Luckily you can -- with a hard look at some new product claims and a modest outlay of cash -- outfit yourself so you can sweat like a pig yet smell like a rose.

Some products contain substances that absorb odors as they're produced. Others target the bacteria that do the producing, suppressing their activity or even killing them. Still others work to make the environment on your skin and clothes less conducive to bacteria's smelly ways. Some of these approaches sound gimmicky, but the experts say that most have merit." Read the complete article...

Featured in the "Top 9 Fitness Apparel for Women" on

"We've all had moments in the gym or during outdoor workouts when we wished we had a little more coverage. Enter Smarty Pants, underwear made specifically for exercisers to provide comfort and coverage. I tried a pair and found them to be very comfortable. They're lightweight, can fit under just about anything and help keep sweat away from your body." Check it out on


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