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"I ordered 4 more pairs tonight, so I am sure you can tell, I tried them out! I'm going to order more at the end of the month, the Smarties are amazing!

I certainly know they're going to be perfect for yoga, but they're for general use. I have tried so many kinds of underwera styles and brands, it's been pretty awful. For some people, underwear isn't important; it's of the utmost importance to others. I found your amazing invention on a search for sports underwear, hoping to find something I hadn't tried. There was so much great information on your site. The reason I was looking wasn't mentioned, but when I saw them and read about them, my hopes shot up.

I am 34 and I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when I was 15 and I've had about 14 surgeries and plenty of complications. Today was the first day in 8 years that I was able to wear underwear without terrible pain (repeat surgery makes most waistbands agony; more agony from seams, elastic, cut, etc.) and most important for me, I wasn't constantly scared or embarassed - I actually felt normal. It was awfully nice to feel ordinary again.

I want to say thank you, because you've invented something which is going to be so important to me and I know Smarties would help other women in similar situations. I'll be mentioning to them a lot and I'm taking the tag and telling my doctor about them because he is always looking for patient suggestions to help other patients with quality of life!

I'm the very lucky second Canadian and I'm not going to shut up about them! They're cute, they don't wreck the line of your clothes, they're an amazing cabric and cut - and from my point of view, they're like a miracle. I case scared to try them on - I've been disappointed so often and you get used to being in pain, but this was a great day for me! thank you so much, you've made a super invention and I know your company is going to grow and grow! I'm not going to miss a chance to talk them up!"



"As a competitive ballroom dancer, I love my Smarty Pants. They stretch along with me, stay cool, and don't show lines under the clingy workout pants I usually wear. In a ddition, because they are modest and less revealing, I also found them ideal when an injury forced me to repeatably strip down to my underwear in accupuncture, physical therapy, and doctor's offices."

Kathy Long
Felton, CA
Web designer, competitive ballroom dancer


"Just wanted to let you kow that I love my Smarty Pants! I practice yoga several hours a day, sometimes longer. As a yogi, I appreciate their comfort and stretch and move-ability. As a yoga teacher, I also appreciate the modesty of Smarties.

With Smarty Pants on the scene, all my favorite yoga pants look great and feel great too. I can wear them under tights or shorts and do/demonstrate any of my asanas with comfort and peace of mind. I shudder to think what I would wear if I didn't have my handy Smarty Pants on under all my yoga gear.

Congrats on a fabulous product! I'm going to spread the word to all yogi's I know."

Amey Mathews
Soquel, CA
Yoga Instructor


"Last March, I walked the LA Marathon on one of the hottest days ever for that event.

My sister Karen, who had come to cheer me on, kindly gave me a pair of "Smarty Pants" to wear that day. They were wonderful! They wisked away the perspiration and kept me comfortable and cool, despite the blistering heat. I can honestly say that the comfort they provided contributed to my success.

I wear them hiking and exercising, any time I need to stay cool and comfortable. Try them, you'll love them!"

Mary Ann Merritt
Torrance, CA
Medical Technologist and mother


"I used to wear the thong and hated it. Now I wear my comfy Smarties under my business apparel (no panty lines) all day and keep them on for my post-work workout under my jazz pants. What could be better?"

Michelle Burkhart
New York, NY
Attorney, Choreographer and mother


"I've been wearing the Smarty Pants for several months and love the comfort they provide me under my cycling shorts and workout pants. In fact, I hardly wear anything else! Try them, you'll love 'em!"

Jacquie Peterson
Aptos, CA
Cycle/Fitness Instructor and mother